Wednesday, 10 August 2011

SketcHHousE 'POWER HOUR'... we're BACK!!!

Hey guys! Wow... it's been quite some time eh? But fear not, we are indeed back! A lot has been going on with us 3 amigos over the past few months which effectively caused us to put things on ice for some time... Tee Jay has been busy developing an awesome comic creation of his titled 'Mister Who' [find out more here] which as you can imagine demands some serious time. Bernie is actually a part of the 'Mister Who' project also; he too has been under the pressure of tight deadlines, churning out many CG background sets plus animated sequences... *Cracks Whip*. I myself as usual have been off working on various commercial/ personal work... mainly commercial; one in particular job that pretty much took over my life! Anyway's we're all super grateful to have been so busy & have had this much consistant work coming in; just a shame it pulled us away for so long = (

That being said, we've all still been producing creative work, just not as 'SketcHHousE-mates'.... Below you'll find our first session we had together this morning. The theme here being [SEA MONSTERS]. Same *one hour* duration but this time working on the one piece. After spending a FULL month on human anatomy, dynamics & perspective, we decided to now work on exercises that develop creativity & imagination within the concept art category. This covers a whole range of sectors, from character design, creature design, landscape design etc so should be fun & promises a lot to explore & learn... As always, if you're interested in joining up, check out the details here & COME SKETCH WITH US!

Here are our pieces for this mornings session.

Tee Jay


[Posted by Max]