Thursday, 17 February 2011

The Inauguration

Hello Hello Hello to you all!!!

Welcome to 'Sketch House', a blog dedicated to all things... Sketchy [?]... & by that we just mean, the basic fundamentals & practices of a serious artist/ animator/ illustrator/ painter/ sculptor etc. As working artists we often find ourselves getting caught up in busy day to day commission work & lose track of the most important aspects of nurturing & evolving our God given talents.... I for one am embarrassed to even admit the last Figure drawing class I attended... even going out during an off day purely to draw people... [I actually can't remember!].

Commissioned or "regular" 9 to 5 work [as any type of artist] is great but at the same time not every project you do will satisfy you creatively & after all -REAL ART- is all about personal creativity isn't it? The danger here is that after a while of only doing work that doesn't feed your 'personal creativity', inevitably that creativity will begin to starve; to the point even thinking of doing personal work becomes a chore. A lot of us are trapped in this cycle now... ART is supposed to be FUN [remember that], we all just need to find that love we had for it again!... hens ***SKETCH HOUSE***.

Professional or not, this blog is aimed at encouraging fellow artists [ourselves] to develop & maintain a good habit of keeping our skills & talents fresh & constantly growing. We're here to push each other! 


NAME: Bernie Bakari Liumako... [Bernie]
BIO: CG Generalist// Art Lover and Lover of Cake....Lots of Cake!
PERSONAL QUOTE: "Where the cake at?"

NAME: Maxwell. A. Oginni... [Max]
BIO: Animation director// Animator// Illustrator... Lover
QUOTE: "Whether you think you can or can't... you're right" -Stewie Griffin- -Henry Ford-

NAME: Tayo Olarewaji... [Tee Jay]
BIO: Animator// Storyboard Artist. Founder & Animation director for Perpetual Arts Studio; dedicated to animation & illustration for mainstream TV.

QUOTE: "Imagination is more important than knowledge"
-Albert Einstein-

[Posted by Max]

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